Château d’eau

Master Ong ∞ Oct 7, 2016

During my recent travels I was in Portland for a few weeks, I linked up with Wyatt Davis to make a small project. Enjoy.

And to those who are not familiar, our April 2017 event is coming up. Check it out at

Manipulation 2015

Master Ong ∞ Dec 19, 2015

We just got done with our 4th event in 3 years in our brand new location in the mountains of Idyllwild California. A small glimpse to a 4 day gathering.

MOPS – April Edition

Master Ong ∞ Jul 25, 2014

Currently Im in Indiana and heading to the IJA in the next few days. Oh the travels, they never end. I think Ive only been home approximately maybe 5 weeks or so since 2014 started. Its amazing and I get to connect and network with people all over the world and being able to spread my work but it does get a little exhausting.

Fatigue of travel has been hitting me a little the past few weeks. I find myself grumpy and feeling isolated. Feeling like I put in a lot of work and no one actually cares or want to help. But thats not true, its all within my head. I just need to remind myself that everything is fine, everything is beautiful. To be grateful.

Its interesting as well when you think about, no one is suppose to care. Thats why Im doing this. Its my job, its what I chose to be doing.

Here is a video of last April, hope to see you out in October!

Oldie But Goodie. Jordaan de Cuyper

Master Ong ∞ May 22, 2014

Currently writing this in Boston and about to head to WildFire Gathering this weekend. You can track me down at

Was rewatching some old club videos, and here is one from Jordaan. Amazing things that people do in this world.


Master Ong ∞ Apr 9, 2014

So the festival season is well on the way, to find out more about events that Im attending, follow this link On another note found this amazing video not too long ago.

Philippines Flow Festival 2014

Master Ong ∞ Apr 3, 2014

Spent the past 2.5months in my homeland South East Asia, visiting family and doing work, spreading knowledge and learning. Visited Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia (Bali) & Philippines.

The Philippines Flow Festival might be one of my top favorite 5. For its 2nd year it was so well put together and the spirit of the filipino and South East Asia was definitely strong. Awesome people, awesome community. If you get a chance to visit South East Asia, do it.


Master Ong ∞ Mar 26, 2014

Flowtoys recently launched their competition on making videos. Life is beautiful contest. This video is full of win. Really amazing and well put together.

Magic & Circus

Master Ong ∞ Jan 27, 2014

So long long time ago magic and juggling used to go hand in hand, not to say its not now. But with the evolution of time and the arts and the increasing number of people and the internet. The umbrella category has been broken down to so many sub categories, pretty much magic and circus got a divorce. And the events are also different. Circus bleeds into Fire Arts and Burning Man as well.

In the USA, Burning Man is one of the centralized events that many finds out about what some call the ‘alternative’ lifestyle and also fire spinning. And from there some may bleed into more serious prop manipulation and it’s categories, contact poi, contact staff, juggling (club manipulation), ball manipulation (contact juggling). And from there it leads into Circus which consist of aerials, acrobatics, apparatus, performance based.

And from there it also has another path on to street performing and sideshows.

But personally where I have been going, touches Circus and more serious manipulation with props, but less performance based. I have truly indulge myself in the mere ‘practice’ of the craft and would love to share that concept on a deeper level and with many as well.

Practice, makes present.

Ejc 2013 Toulouse France

Master Ong ∞ Dec 23, 2013

It starts with a weave, regardless if its on glowsticks or poi with strings attach or not, then spirals into minutes of learning a particular move, then on to hours learning transitions in between, later not too long hours on end on days on weeks on years. As you learn you move on from one prop to the other and finding relations within each other.

As you dive deeper, taking the principles you learn not only applying it to other props but also towards movement of your life and what you want to do with your life, your hourly transitions within your day what you choose do with it to weekly to yearly.

As you go further deep down with your practice, you find less and less of people around you understand what you are going for as you go deeper you also find there are also people that are in other countries devoting their lives to their craft in terms of prop manipulation.

Thats the beauty of it, you can spend 5minutes on it your entire life, thats is fine, 5hours, 500hours, 50000hours, 500,000 hours. But the other side of it is that people within each category understands each other more without words by just using what they have practice and expression of self.

I love practicing, and when I do I often think of those who have devoted way more hours than me that I probably will never comprehend. I think of them often as I go about my practice, how far are you willing to go with yours?

P.s The European Juggling Convention 2013, the most inspiring 9 days of my entire life.

No Sweat

Master Ong ∞ Dec 7, 2013

So when I arrive in France this pass summer, Kevin Arleri from No Sweat picked us up at the Paris International Airport. What an honor. The man is a beast, super stylish contact staff spinner known as Kev. This video was released back in December 2011. Watching it today, still loving it. Check it out.